Yard machines lawn mowers reviews

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MTD yard machines sells a full range of mowers for both residential and professional uses.

To be specific, just like its competitors Husqarvana, Ariens, Stihl, John Deere, Snapper, and the like, MTD yard machines has a wide range of award-winning riding mowers, push lawn mowers, self-propelled lawn mowers.

Overall, most of their machines are, in our opinion, top-notch and you’ll be landing in some good hands if you’re interested in this brand.

Don’t panic if you feel like there are far too many models to choose from (we counted about 15 options), we are here with the yard machines lawn mowers reviews for their best 3 models to help you out.

Plus, we have added a detailed buying guide for lawn mowers to further simplify your decision making.

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Keep reading to find out which Yard machine lawn mower could be worth buying and why we think so.                

Our recommended Yard machines lawn mowers reviews                     

Below you’ll find three of the best lawn mowers from MTD yard machines you can add to your shed.

1.     Yard Machines 140cc, 20-Inch Push Mower

This is one machine to really excite us and we’re sure you want to look at it if you envision a yard that will be the pride of the entire neighborhood.

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This is equipped with a solid 140cc 4-cycle push lawnmower and mows small and medium-sized residential gardens like a champ.

This machine has many nice features including a compact frame (for excellent maneuverability around tight spots), easy cutting height adjuster (3 heights), and a handy side discharge chute.

We also found the sturdy loop handle easier to use and pretty comfortable.

The other big plus is the durable 7-inch wheels.

Overall, we have nothing but praise for this model push mower.


  • Lightweight push mower.
  • Beautifully cuts grass.
  • Starts right away.


  • No mulching capability.

2.     Yard Machines (140cc OHV engine) 21-Inch High Wheeled 2-in-1 Walk-Behind Push Gas-Powered Lawn Mower

Like the 20-Inch Push Mower (above), this lawn 21-ich more includes a robust 140cc OHV engine and comes with side discharge too.

But it betters its competitor in a couple of ways including packing the sometimes much-needed mulching capabilities in its 21” cutting deck.

We like the 6 height settings because of the extra cutting flexibility too.

You won’t have a harder time starting this either as it includes the much easier recoil start plus a primer. 

Also setting it apart from the competition is the bigger 11-inch rear wheels because of the easier turns even on uneven terrains.

Lastly, we are also extremely happy that it takes little time to put together.


  • Starts with just one pull all the time.
  • Trims wonderfully.
  • Relatively improved gas mileage.


  • Won’t support a bagger attachment.

3. Yard Machines 132cc,  20-Inch Push Gas-powered Lawn Mower – Adjustable Cutting Heights (Red)

This is an upgrade on the 20-Inch Push Mower (option 1) and appears to be identical to its peer in many ways. 

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For example, the unit has a 20-inch cutting deck and features the same maneuverable 7 x 7-inch wheels to help maneuverability. 

Your yard is still in line for a great cut with this though you have the same 3 height setting to choose from.

It’s noticeably easier to pull as well, without the shakiness you normally feel and the side grass discharge chute works magnificently.

We are also thrilled that you only have to assemble its wheels and the handle.

Yard machine lawn mowers in this range often include quality components and this is no exception- all the parts look as if they will last you a long time. 

The only fault we found in this lawn mower is the slightly less powerful 132cc engine considering that its predecessor had a 140cc engine.

Otherwise, this could be phenomenal for smaller yards.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Sturdy parts.
  • Simple but effective design.


  • Wish it had a foldable handle.

How to select a Yard machine lawn mower

You’re most likely going to pick just one of the machines we have covered in our MTD Yard machines lawn mowers reviews section.

And the best way to narrow down on a product that you won’t regret later is to remember the multiple things we typically consider while buying a lawn mower.

The following summarized lawn mower’s buying guide will jog your memory about everything you must keep in mind when choosing the best grass cutter for your needs:

·         The size of your Yard

Not all lawns are the same and the first thing you want to take into consideration when finding the perfect yard machine lawn mower is the size of your yard.

To keep things simple, self-propelled mowing machines make trimming grass on larger yards effortless besides saving time (the bigger cutting width and self-drive do the trick).

On the other hand, you’ll be fine with push mowers if you own a small/medium backyard.

·         Nature of the landscape

Get yourself an MTD yard machine riding mower (instead of a yard machine self propelled lawn mower) if you will be cutting a very large property.

Also note that zero turn mowers literally turns on a dime and the speed and brilliant maneuverability will leave you smiling from ear to ear when mowing landscape that is dotted with flower beds, trees, and other obstacles.

Sadly, Yard machine’s doesn’t excel in that line though we have some suggestions here.

·         Power source

Here we compare corded (electric) and cordless lawn mowers.

  1. Corded lawn mowers

Electric mowers are perfectly suited for small up to medium-sized gardens and require minimal maintenance. They’re, however, limited in reach.

  • Cordless models

These are quite convenient becoming of the unlimited reach and you can take up either gas-powered or battery-powered options.

The former is fantastic for expanded gardens because of their more powerful engines but you have to live with the recurring cost of fuel.

Trust battery-powered electric mowers for those smaller yards- they cut as well as the gas yard machine self-propelled mowers and have easier upkeep requirements.  

The biggest stumbling block is their higher initial outlay.

Lawn tractor lift kits

·         Other things to factor in

Truth be told, there is a whole range of features you might wish to have in your choice. We will only focus on the most essential across the available yard machines lawn mowers.

  1. Multiple height settings: With this, you’ll always find the perfect height setting for the task whether your yard needs a full cut or a light trim.
  2. Comfort features: You’re sometimes going to mow for hours so you’d better ensure it’s comfortable. A high back seat (such as the one mounted on some riding mowers) is especially a must.
  3. Good wheels: The right wheels make it easier to maneuver on hillsides and other challenging terrains.
  4. Folding handle: All push and self-propelled mowers with a collapsing/folding handles save space when it comes to storage.
  5. Durable construction: Also check that your yard machine lawn mower parts are built to last. This will extend the machine’s life.
  6. Attachments: Lastly, you’ll want to pay attention to whether the riding unit you’re considering accommodates attachments you may wish to use including baggers, dethatchers, tow behind spreaders, etc.

Yard machines lawn mowers reviews: (FAQs)

Who makes the Yard Machine lawn mower?

Yard machine lawn mowers are manufactured by MTD Products, a leading American manufacturer of a wide range of outdoor power equipment.u003cbru003eMTD has become a market leader by consistently acquiring competing brands over the years including Troy-Bilt, Cub Cadet, Bolens, and Yard-Man.u003cbru003eIn addition, the company private labels for other brands/companies including Sears Craftsman.

Is yard machine a good lawn mower?

As mentioned at the start of this article, Yard machine makes a couple of outstanding lawn mowers for both private homeowners and commercial users.u003cbru003eWe have already brought you the models with the most glowing reviews in terms of versatility, reliability, the quality of the cut, etc. to help you make the right choice.

How to replace pull cord on lawn mowers.

Final thoughts

An immaculate swath of grass is everyone’s dream and you need the right tool for your grass maintenance chore.

The above yard machines lawn mowers reviews should help you decide if this is the brand for you, whether you own acres of grass or just a small lawn. 

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