Zero turn mower tires for hills

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Zero turn mowers can be used for different uses. Whether cutting grass or graining crops is your main goal, you might want to (or probably) own one. Unlike doing it manually or using the traditional tractors, these equipment’s make your job easier.

If you are working on highly or undulating terrain, you will need to get zero turn mower tires for hills. Such tires are ideal for handling different kinds of terrain and at the same time prove the much needed toughness and traction.

If you are looking for best zero turn tires for traction, there are different factors you need to consider. These factors include the size, ply rating, traction needs, and pricing of the tires.

Best Zero turn mower tires for hills

1. Carlisle Turf Saver Lawn & Garden Tire

Whatever you are into – whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or into farming, you can’t go wrong choosing Carlisle brand for your zero turn mower tires for hills.

The tires are engineered not only for safety but to post topnotch efficiency. That way, you can accomplish anything you are into on perfect time. The tires are perfect if you are into agriculture, construction, regular outdoor care activities.

The sturdy design not only helps steer the mower smoothly but also gives you a perfectly smoother yet firmer ride.  However, their tires arrive compressed. While this is a normal thing for most large lawn tractors, if you don’t follow a correct procedure for ‘decompressing’, the tires won’t pop into their original shape.

Rather, might end up with a permanent saddle shape. Once you get your new shipment, and don’t have a nice heated spot or sunny weather, use a heat gun to warm them – on and off until they gain their original shape. If one of the tires happens to have that little “flash” rubber at the bead, a quick trimming to make a better seal will do the trick.


  • Great for long-term use
  • Dependable ride on any type of terrain
  • Great for hilly surfaces
  • Design to serve you for a longer time


  • It’s tubeless that makes it a bit expensive
  • Tires not a breeze to mount

2.  2 New WANDA Sport ATV Tires 

If you have long durability and performance, get these zero turn mower tires for hills.

There are many great things we loved about 2 New WANDA Sport ATV Tires. The wider tire design provides better durability, cornering and handling.

The tires also help reduce the turning radius, increase ability to accelerate and stop power. The wide size also affects the stability of the zero turn mower. The thick rubber skin makes it puncture-resistant so you don’t have to freak out when you step on small sharp objects. The 4-ply rating on the tire means improved strength and capacity. 

I ordered 2 New WANDA Sport ATV Tires early this year for my lightweight Craftsman lawn mower tractor. I like the aggressive tread, it helps the mower tractor get around our sloped yard without getting stuck on anything or slipping a tire. However, the tires don’t seem to be chewing grass the way I figured they might.

But, the installation wasn’t easy. I had to purchase a lawn mower tire mounting tool to help me get the tires into position.  The tires are mounted nicely, perfectly seated on the rims and don’t leak in any way. I actually test-ran them through the woods for a couple of hours and there were no punctures.

They might not be top rated as other brands out there, but they can support about 4 people on the cart. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with these tires. The tires are great for heavy loads, and can sustain long-term use. That means you won’t have to change your tires every other time.


  • Perfectly good for grass
  • Wider should fosters better strength and capacity
  • Tubeless can carry big loads and sustain longer-time use
  • More durable – this will save you more money.


  • The wide tire design will give you more strain on the brakes

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3. GBC Motorsports XC-Master All- Terrain Bias Tire

If you are looking for a go-to tire for cross-country terrain, this baby will do the trick.

The tire is designed to offer perfect steering and control. The X-knob pattern of the treads helps deliver a better, superior tire-handling. Besides, the tire is constructed with puncture—resistant material that can perfectly handle any cross-country races and rides. The tires are available for both front and rear sizes.

I bought these tires for my bore LTZ400. The tires looked awesome while the price was excellent. Already, I have put about 100 very hard miles on the tires. So far, only a little rubber nibs finally wore off.

In other words, the tires seem to be wearing off slowly. That implies that they are going to last a long time. The tires also ride smoothly and don’t give me any imbalances, or wobbles even at high speeds.

In hard or dirt pack the tires grab exceptionally well. Even when the loose dirt raises the front end up, there still won’t be any problem. The tires (and to extension the more) will still take off like a rocket.


  • Improved profile that offers better control and steering.
  • Great for hill and X-country terrain.
  • Superior traction, handling.
  • Highly durable


  • No significant limitations noted.

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Zero-turn mowers are designed to reduce the turning radius. As a result, they are exceptionally maneuverable when riding on different terrains.

However, there are different types of zero turn mower tires for hills out there. If you are looking for tires suited for perfect all-terrain steering and control, GBC Motorsports XC-Master All- Terrain Bias Tire will do the trick.

The 2 New WANDA Sport ATV Tires are 4-ply rated for increased strength, stability and capacity while the Carlisle Turf Saver Lawn & Garden Tire is perfect grass baby.

It is good if you are working on grassy yards. We hope this review will help you get the tire you are looking for.

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