Leaf pusher for zero turn mower

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The fall season has its share of sweetness- the crisp air, the colors, dream-like weather, the holidays….it’s all so magical.

The only nuisance is the ton of leaves falling on the yard throughout forming a rather unsightly blanket over your lawn. 

Which brings me to what I want us to discuss in this article: a leaf pusher for zero turn mower.

Now, the tool simply attaches to the front of your zero-turn riding mower and uses the lawn mower’s power to quickly and effectively push large heaps of leaves away from your treasured piece of turf.

The only bother is deciding on the right Leaf pusher for zero turn mower to buy — luckily, we’re here to help.

Leaf pusher for zero turn mower: buying guide

Investing in a leaf pusher attachment (also called plow attachment) could be a smart way of getting more from your zero turn mower rather than let it sit idle during the offseason.

Here is what to keep in mind when shopping:

·         Construction quality

To avoid throwing away money, take time and inspect the unit’s wholesome construction quality.

I have seen some cheap, flimsy products that break down within a few months of use and it’s important that you check that all the parts are well made.

Those designed to last feature durable materials such as steel frame and steel spring tines and you should be on the lookout for such when comparing. 

The whole unit should, importantly, be sturdy enough to be able to smash through gigantic piles of leaves across your property towards the trash or stockpile them for bagging.

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·         How well does it do the job?

An ideal one should have no issues taking on the leaves regardless of the density and size of the garden.

A couple of considerations can be helpful as far as an exceptional performance is concerned:

  1. Adjustable height- An adjustable clearing height can be quite handy because it minimizes turf damage and eliminates gouging for a professionally-groomed lawn.
  2. Width- A wider ‘sweeping’ width is recommended if you own an expansive yard as it speeds up the yard work.
  3. Wheels- Good caster wheels are also vital for smooth transport across the working area.

·         Ease of assembly and mounting

Select a model that’s easy to set up and mount to your zero turn unless you’re willing to waste extra money hiring a helper to do it for you.

The key thing to check here is the directions – you want them written well with enough details to guide you on what you require to do during the assembly and mounting of the pusher.

It would also be great if the accessory comes with all the necessary hardware.

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Leaf pusher for zero turn mower: product reviews

Admittedly, there’s a dearth of options when it comes to ready-made leaf pusher for zero turn mower and a lot of people have turned to inventing own DIY substitutes.

Fortunately, the situation is improving and we stumbled on 2 brilliant leaf pushers for zero turn mowers when scouring the markets.

Here they are:

1.     JRCO Leaf Blade Plow – 480

First up is the Leaf Blade Plow from JRCO, an outstanding leaf removal accessory compatible with zero turn lawn mowers.

It’s essentially a 1-piece, 55-inches wide blade engineered with the most stubborn leaves and other lawn waste matter in mind.

The attachment works incredibly well because of the reinforced construction.

Indeed, not only is the attachment made of tough galvanized steel but it’s also supported at the bottom, center, and top to enhance its strength.

Besides, this innovation is cleverly built…

For example, the heavy-duty stainless steel spring tines (4 1/2-inches long) are made flat to help it push mountains of leaves on rough surfaces without hurting the turfgrass.

Plus, it rides on a set of adjustable caster wheels so its movement is really delightful.

All you have to do to hook it up to the mower using the JRCO mounting bar (sold separately) and get down to work.

The assembly is itself reasonably straightforward and you don’t need any special skills to hack it.

The company requests that you provide your zero turn mower make, model, and the deck size with the order to help them deliver a unit that’s adapted to your mower.


  • Moves imposing hills of leaves effortlessly (virtually eliminates tarping).
  • Very solid model.
  • You can fold it up when undertaking other tasks.


  • Extra expense on the mounting bar.

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2.     D’ttach Pile Driver Leaf Plow/Pusher

Made by D’ttach Manufacturing Inc., this sturdily constructed, commercial-grade mower attachment plows through masses of fallen leaves with ease and gets the job done in no time.

It’s unlike other leaf pushing attachments on the market in a couple of ways…..

For instance, the blade is crafted from 3/16″ aluminum and then fixed on the welded steel frame.

This creative engineering makes it “landscaper tough” and at the same time light on your zero turn. 

Another thing: it’s added with adjustable, swivel caster wheels (flat-free) for ease of movement.

It’s also one of the few leaf pusher attachments with down pressure meaning that leaves won’t get under the equipment and ride up mounds.

There’s also the 4 ¼-inches thick rubber edge (with a forward inclining mount design) to help it remain rigid enough to break through heavy leaf piles closer to the surface. 

It mounts to the D’ttach attachment series hitch (sold separately) in a breeze -no tools needed and you’re pretty much done in seconds.


  • Quick and easy to mount.
  • Superb customer support by the company.
  • Lifts and locks easily into transport mode.


  • One of the priciest.

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A leaf pusher for zero turn mower could be an excellent investment.

Not only does is it more efficient for huge piles of leaves and professional jobs but it’s also a massive time saver- it takes much less time than other methods including walk-behind sweepers to get rid of the mess.

In short, you will finally fall in love with the dreaded leaf-removal chore thanks to this wonderful farm machine.

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