Best box scrapers for lawn tractors in the market

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Box scrapers for lawn tractors can be used in tons of applications and are one of the most fundamental and versatile gardening and landscaping accessories to have in your fleet.

You can deploy your garden tractor box scraper for grading, leveling, ripping, backfilling, and other maintenance operations on your farm, roadways, building sites, and more.

This is made possible by the combination of the ripper teeth and blade (for smoothing) in your garden tractor box scraper.

Below you will meet the box scrapers for lawn tractors that have been making waves in the market along with what to focus on when shopping for the best box scrapers for lawn tractors.

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Best box scrapers for lawn tractors: product reviews

Here are the 3 box scrapers for lawn tractors that won our admiration and which could be worthy to have in your machine shed.

1. Brinly BS-38BH Tow Behind Box Scraper 38 In. Sleeve Hitch

One thing is not in question: Brinly box scrapers are booming and Brinly has managed to elbow more expensive models with this BS-38BH tow behind model.

With a carbon steel construction and a heavy center-mounted C-frame, it’s great for long term use, especially on tougher leveling and grading projects and can even work through tight spaces thanks to its narrower 38-inch working width.

Removing the scarifier bar and side plates make a wonderful rear blade that flawlessly moves dirt, sand, gravel, and even snow.

The flexible angle adjustments give you an edge – it locks 30 degrees (in either direction) to let you push rather than pull the materials when you wish.

The weight tray can be added with cinder blocks or such weights to have it do a nicer job on compacted grounds such as hard clay.

You will need a sleeve hitch but it’s easy to hook up and get to work.


  • Durable tow behind grader.
  • Bites very well into hard surfaces.
  • Straightforward assembly.


  • May not be the best for your biggest jobs.
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2. Agri fab box scraper

The Agri fab box scraper (with a wider working width -42 inches- than what you typically find on box scrapers at this price) deliver spectacularly on a wide variety of jobs and feels like it can crush any expansive area, no matter how tough.

For that, you should also thank the 3/16-inch steel blade, which has heaps of strength for absorbing shock coming from rugged ground and conspicuous doggedness to work stubborn gravel.

It’s as well equipped with 4 steel scarifier teeth (1/2 in. x 1-1/2 in.) and two side plates (removable).

To create a more efficient operation when working on your driveway, garden, ranch, lawn, etc., you can rotate the scraper box 30 degrees (maximum on either direction) depending on your needs.

This is perhaps the surest bet if you want quick coverage of your tracks and driveways and will like the BS-38BH Tow Behind box scraper need a sleeve hitch to function.


  • Comes with a 3-year warranty (limited).
  • Simple and quick setup.
  • You can add weights on the tray when tackling insanely demanding tasks.


  • Not great for operations such as snow removal.
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Husqvarna box scraper

Another box scraper likely to do an amazing job on your entire driveway without bogging down your tractor is this Husqvarna grader/box scraper.

It’s remarkably close to the Agri fab box scraper in terms of the key features.

For example, the scraper is 42-inches wide and will help you finish up the chore in record time.

You also have a 3/16-inch steel blade (still angles 30 degrees either way to offer the adaptability you need to professionally accomplish myriad jobs).

Even the four steel scarifier teeth (½ inch x 1 ½ inches) plus the removable twin side plates are included just like in the previous unit.

The only major point of departure from the Agri fab box scraper is in pricing- here you pay significantly more.

A sleeve hitch is once again essential.


  • Quicker jobs completion.
  • Super heavy-duty blade.
  • Easy to use.


  • Works best with Husqvarna riding lawn tractors.
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Box scrapers for lawn tractors: buying guide

Here we look at some of the questions to ask when shopping for a box scraper for a loan tractor:

  • The width: Needless to say, a broader working width means less time on the job.
  • Adaptability: You want maximum flexibility on the job and a rotating angle and ability to completely reverse the box scraper is essential whether you’re smoothing the driveway, contouring, fixing ruts, or moving materials.
  • Compatibility with your tractor: Some manufacturers are very specific about the type of tractors you can use the scraper with. Follow their guidelines and pick what works for your tractor model.
  • Connection and use: The ideal choice should be a breeze to secure to your lawn tractor and operate. 
  • Typical assignments: Some implements are more suited to light grading/leveling tasks and others to harder projects. Choose according to your special needs.
  • Construction: Robustly built models beat the stresses of demanding undertakings and offer better value for money because of the lasting service. 
  • Support for weights: You want it to hold additional weight more so if you’re occasionally involved in challenging projects

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Box scrapers for lawn tractors: how to use

Pull type box scrapers typically attach onto the back of your lawn tractor via a hitch system.

You just line up the garden tractor box scraper mount to the hitch and push the connectors back to lock it.

A tow behind box scraper often comes with a quick-lock mechanism for quick mounting.

This mechanism is a real time saver particularly when you’re working on multiple projects.

Your next task after the setup is learning the controls on the box scraper for garden tractor (check its operator’s manual) and practice a bit.

You want to be sure of how to lower and raise the ripping teeth plus the blade and how to adjust the scraper/blade angle for a more vigorous action before heading out.

The best place to practice on would be an uneven patch- dig up the ground and try to smooth the uneven mounds with the front blade repeatedly until you have mastered its operation.

Now you can drive to the site and confidently finish the job.

Important: Be sure to follow all the operating and safety procedures in your owner’s manual when using this piece of equipment.

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With a box scraper lawn tractor attachment, you will never again have to worry about scraper rental rates.

Plus, you will, of course, get to complete more projects with just one lawn tractor attachment.

You are better informed after reading this guide and buying a box scraper for your projects should now be a straightforward affair.

Go for it and make the most out of your newest investment.

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