Easy way to pick up sticks in yard

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It’s common for sticks and twigs to rain on your yard if you have tons of trees growing in your property.

Nobody wants to mow over the mess (plus the crap is an unwelcome eyesore) and you will want to clean the debris quickly and easily.

Which brings me to that burning question: is there an easy way to pick up sticks in yard other than by hand or raking them?

The exciting news is that there are definitely some smarter ways of completing your cleanup job.

And yes, you don’t have to cut the trees down or pay your neighbor’s son (pun intended).

Here we look at some of these simpler clearing methods.

Easy way to pick up sticks in yard: 6 easier solutions

Admittedly, there are a handful of easier solutions and the best method will certainly depend on lots of factors including the terrain, size of your yard, and where you live.

But overall, the following approaches are faster than bending all day long (it hurts, uh?).

Read and pick your favorite:

1.     Powerbroom

If you get lots of the norms of nature like leaves, sticks, grass, and more, consider investing in a power broom.

A power broom blasts thick sticks, pinecones, acorns, and other annoying deposits off in a breeze and is immensely fun to work with.

You can as well use it to sweep and remove materials such as snow (when winter comes) and even thatch.

Better still, terrain won’t be an issue- they work on all types of surfaces, even the hard and textured.

On the whole, a power broom is super-efficient in pushing the waste around particularly on small grounds.

My advice is to pick a top quality one like this gas powered walk behind model.

No more hurting your hands from all day raking!

2.     A yard vacuum

If you own a larger property, a quality yard vacuum would probably serve best.

Trust me, a large capacity yard vacuum has no equal when it comes to big grounds.

You will love the way it drives over the pesky debris, sticks and the large, heavy leaves too.

These tools are quite versatile and tackle myriad yard clean-up chores including picking up tree balls and small rocks.

Leading the way is this ultra-powerful yard vacuum from Toro because of its incredible 250 mph air speed.

This Black+Decker Blower/Vacuum also aggressively vacuums sticks and you can engage the power boost button when tackling stubborn trash like twigs.

A yard vacuum attachment for your lawnmower can also work well particularly if you own a massive yard.

The one drawback of this method is that you might still have to manually gather the larger stuff that the vacuum can’t mulch.

3.     Tractor/mower pine straw rake attachment

What about adding a pull-type pine straw rake attachment to your mower?

You see, a pine straw rake tool is made to efficiently pick up most small sticks and limbs making it a wonderful alternative for your cleanup chore.

All you have to do is mount it to your ride-on lawn mower or your UTV, ATV, or even utility tractor (most use a straightforward pin and hitch clip) and get down to work.

As you drive over the area, the tines continuously rake the rubbish into piles and you should finish up the task in no time.

A sturdy model like the Yard Tuff pull behind rake for sticks attachment should face little trouble raking even larger branches.

That’s surely much smarter than using your good old rake. 

4.     A landscape rake attachment

Another tool that you can tow behind your mower to help clear the ugly stuff is the landscape rake.

Well, it has been around for years and it’s a miracle accessory to have at home- not only does it  clean up the mess of the very unsightly sticks but also digs through the dirt to pull up any underlying matter.

Be sure to drive slowly and to apply sufficient down pressure to complete the job (you don’t want to be too hard on the tool as it might plow the ground!).

No products found.

Here is a potentially great one to help take care of your clearing needs without breaking your back.

5.     Pull behind dethatcher

Another easy option would be a pull behind dethatcher.

This again collects pretty much everything lying around though it arguably has more work since you have to lift the unit and remove the debris if it doesn’t dump well.

Other than that, your lawn should be immaculate when finished once you master its usage since very little escapes it.

6.     Lawn sweeper

Lawn sweepers are incredibly handy garden tools and can save your time and energy by helping you quickly sweep common debris like sticks and twigs off the grass. 

I also love that they won’t mess your budget (like some of the tools we have mentioned here). 

It’s best to go for a tow-behind lawn sweeper – you simply hook it up to your lawn tractor or zero turn mower and get going.

My favorite lawn sweeper for sticks are the collapsible types (look at this example ) since they save on storage space.

There are also some excellent push-style lawn sweepers for smaller yards (check this).

Lawn sweepers are second to none even for larger acreage (select more sweeper width) and the big litter.

Tips to help you decide

We love giving choices in our guides and that’s what we have done in this article.

It can obviously get confusing and you might end up in a research paralysis.

Yet, you don’t want to regret later especially if you choose to order straightaway.  

And so the best approach might be you first try out the accessory you feel will work in your case by renting from a local landscaping service.

That way, you’ll be double sure when purchasing.

Before then, I recommend that you test what you already have at home before thinking of spending.

For instance, you may be surprised to find the dethatcher you have always ignored make all the difference.

Easy way to pick up sticks in yard: Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Here now are the answers to the questions I have seen guys often ask when researching an easy u003Ca href=u0022https://threetwohome.com/best-way-pick-up-acorn-what-do-with-fallen/u0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noreferrer noopeneru0022u003Eway to picku003C/au003E up sticks in yard.

Q: Can you mow over sticks?

Generally speaking, your lawn mower can run over small sticks without seriously denting the blades.u003Cbru003EHowever, it’s not advisable since the debris might be littered with bigger twigs and branches. These can wreck the blades and leave you with a significant replacement bill.u003Cbru003EWe, therefore, recommend that you pick up the sticks prior to mowing.

Q: Do lawn sweepers pick up sticks?

Like I hinted earlier, lawn sweepers are magnificent when it comes to picking up a variety of lawn debris starting with leaves, twigs, sticks, and dead branches.u003Cbru003EThe best models work wonderfully since you can adjust the settings to have it pick up everything and they usually come with a bigger basket to allow an extended sweeping time.u003Cbru003EHaving said that, it’s important to note that smaller lawn sweepers may be overwhelmed by larger sticks besides filling up too fast.

How to get rid of rocks in your yard.

Wrapping it up

Those are some of our suggestions if you’re searching for an easy way to pick up sticks in yard.

I, of course, won’t endorse any as I am not sure about your situation but in general, these should make your life easier than walking around with a bucket or cart picking sticks.

You can additionally search for a homemade set up online if you can’t get enough of DIY projects.

Don’t forget to watch this video it will help you clear the sticks in your lawn.

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