Best Riding Lawn Mower Lift Equipment

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Lawnmowers add a bit of fun into the trimming of growing turfs. However, the fun dampens when the blade jams or when you have to do routine maintenance. So, what do you do?

Accessing the underbelly of the riding mower is not always a walk in the park. You will need to use riding lawn mower lift equipment unless you want to use rudimentary methods such as stones or logs under the wheels.

If you have a riding lawnmower or ATV, then this is the best time that you acquired a lawn mower lift. In the following post, we discuss some of the best riding lawn mower lift equipment on the market.

Best Riding Lawn Mower Lift Equipment Reviews

1. Pro Lift T-5305 Lawn Mower Lift

The beauty of a hydraulic lift mechanism is that it makes it easier to lift the machine for routine maintenance or do some fix.

This bad boy has a 500 lb weight capacity and features solid steel construction for maximum robustness. The safety features of the hydraulic lawn mower lift include the positive dual locking latches and wheel basket to center and secure the lawnmower.

You can lift the machine to 26 inches for a more natural oil change or blade works, among others. The wheel is adjustable, between 19-1/4 and 42-1/2 inches.

That means that it is most appropriate for most ATVs, riding mowers, and garden tractors, among others. Commercial lawn mower lifts should be reliable and easy to handle, and that is what this lift is all about.

Well, the turn release valve and the release knob makes it easier to use the equipment. Lowering the lift is easy, and you only need to disengage the locking levers before using the release knob.

The whole process is effortless, and there is no learning curve, at least for most people. At a little above 88 pounds, the machine is a bit heavy. Looking on the bright side, the weight indicates robustness and durability. Check for missing parts when you get your package.

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2. MoJack EZ Max

The residential riding lawn mower lift provides the most effortless way of lifting your riding lawn mower or ATV.

It is most appropriate for a garden tractor and a zero-turn riding lawnmower. Basically, the lift is much easier to use if you have a power drill. You can still lift it manually, but some effort is necessary.

Well, EZ max folds flat, and so you can easily store it in your garage. It will not take much of your space, and that’s a good thing. Another great feature is the patented design that makes it easy to handle.

You can assemble and use it within the shortest time. Also, the design comes in handy when you have to fix something on your riding lawn mower before you can use it. It is also convenient and much safer than most of the other systems and equipment that you can use.

Whether it is blade sharpening or repair, the lift is ideal for any maintenance. It will also fit most lawn mowers and tractors that you have at home. The lift has a lifting capacity of 450 lbs, and therefore most appropriate for most riding mowers.

Well, a few users complain that the mower lift struggles to lower the load, but it gets the job done.

3. MoJack MJPRO

With a decent lifting capacity of 750 pounds, you have a real workhorse on your hands.

It can lift any riding mower with a wheel measurement of between 31.5 inches and 62.5 inches, up to 28 inches in height. But is the lawn mower lift easy to handle?

Well, you can easily change the mower blades or do some other maintenance activities without so much hassle. The controls are straightforward, and it is safe to use. You can use a power drill or a hand lever.

No doubt, it will require a bit of effort to use the lever, but you can do it by one hand. You also have the alternative of adding a lawn mower lift table to help with routine maintenance of the riding mower and other power tools that you have at home.

The lift folds flat for easier storage in the shed. It does not take much of your space, and that’s a good thing. The safety lock and self-braking winch are convenient safety features to prevent slippage. You can never be too careful when working with power lifts.

Common Types of Lawn Mower Lifts

Performing routine maintenance on your riding lawn mower needs not be an uphill task. The best lawn mower lift kit can help simplify the task. Here are some of the common types of lawnmower lifts.

Scissor-action lift

This model is perhaps the most budget-friendly and straightforward. It is powered by a hand lever, and most appropriate for lighter machines. However, they are not the simplest to use and will require some effort.

Hydraulic lift

The foot pedal-operated hydraulic mechanism is what separates this model from the others in this list. The smoother operation and enhanced control are what makes hydraulic lawn mower lift a favorite of many.

Drill-turned lift

The drill-turned lifts work best when you have a power drill. But the model still comes with a lever to manually lift the load.

Pneumatic lift

Uses the air compressor connected to an air-powered lifting system. The pneumatic lift is the simplest to use because your intervention is minimal. However, this lawn mower lift is pricey.

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Features to consider when purchasing a riding lawn mower lift equipment

There are a few factors that you need to consider when purchasing a lawn mower lift. For example, the lift capacity of each lift is quite different, and you must get the right one.

Lift Capacity

The stated lift capacity usually refers to the lifting capability of only the front of the equipment, such as a garden tractor or lawnmower. For example, a lawnmower lift with a weight capacity of 200 lbs means that it can handle up to 400 lbs machines.

Check the actual weight of your lawnmower and purchase the most appropriate lawn mower lift for your needs. Ideally, you should buy a lift with a slightly higher weight capacity to be on the safe side. An overload is potentially hazardous as it can break the lifting mechanism.

Lifting Height

How high can the tool lift your lawnmower? The majority of the lawnmower lifts can go as high as 28 inches. If it can go higher, the better. Raising the machine higher makes it easier to inspect the deck, or change the blade, among other check-ups.

Lift Safety Features

The safety mechanism will vary depending on the type and model of the lawnmower lift. At a minimum, the machine should have a lifting armlock to prevent slip offs that can potentially kill you.

Wheel Span

The wheel span capacity is the distance between the two wheels of your riding lawn mower the lift can comfortably handle. If your lawnmower is not perfectly aligned on the pads, it can slide and cause significant injury. Most models can handle a wheel span of between 17 and 64 inches.

Final Word

A well-trimmed turf is the pride of every homeowner, and a riding lawn mower makes the exercise easier and fun.

If you have a riding lawn mower, then now is the best time to invest in the best riding lawn mower lift equipment. Any of the above listed will make a good choice.

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